Outlasting the fast chicks

I am new to blogging.  I like to write and talk about myself so blogging seems like a perfect fit for me.   I have been doing triathlon for 31 years.  I started out in life as the fat girl in school.  I was never an athlete.  I swam one season in high school (mostly because the high school had a hard time finding anyone that could actually swim).  I also tried soccer one season but was told by the coach I didn’t run enough.

Then I lost 60 pounds and joined the Army.  I was watching the 1982 Ironman with my then boyfriend and saw Julie Moss drag her ass across the finish line ending up second.  I told my boyfriend “I want to try that.”  He scoffed “you could never do that”.  The next day I went out and financed a bicycle.  I was a private at the time and making $496 a month so buying a $500 bike in 1983 was a big deal for me.

My first race was a biathlon (now known as duathlon).  I didn’t know how to use the cage pedals so pedaled on top of them.  Some people left their helmets on during the run to save transition time.  I don’t remember how I did that race but I was hooked.  I continued to do triathlon throughout my time in the Army and also did the San Francisco Marathon on a whim while I was at language school in that town.

Here I am 31 years later – solid middle of the pack triathlete – vying for the chance to go to Kona.  I have many stories of this 3 decade journey to share with whoever.  I am not an expert in anything but I do persevere.

I also know that I will begin to bore people if I tell the whole story at once.  So My Plan is to feed my story in a humorous way to anyone that wants to read it week by week.

More later.


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