What did I Just Do?


I think I might just be a little crazy.  I got out of bed gingerly one morning because my back hurts because I had hard workouts the day before and have a bad back.  What do I do about it?  I sign up for 12 hours of torture near Las Vegas, Nevada in March.

“The 12 Hour Hurricane Heat, or HH12HR, is Spartan’s next level standalone event specifically designed to test every facet of your mental, intellectual and physical abilities through the use of mental challenges, nonlinear problem solving, morality, as well as teamwork and individual performance under physical duress.”

Have I done a Spartan race before?  Nope.  I did a Warrior Dash a few years ago.  It was 5K.  This is 12 hours.  I was delusional at the time, thinking 12 hours of working out is a great training opportunity for the 50 mile Jemez trail run in May.

What makes me or anyone else push the limit like this?  I went to a psychologist for a little while when I worked for the VA system so she could help me stay in that job.  I didn’t stay but learned a lot from her.  She thinks that people are moving more toward ultra events because they are lacking something in their professional lives.



Maybe I am nuts.  I want to prove myself for some reason.  I had my first DNF (did not finish) in Honduras when I was in the army.  I tried a 10K in the hills at altitude after living at sea level for quite awhile.  I was dead last and was picked up by the Sag wagon.  I attempted an Ironman distance race in Lake Tahoe 3 times in the early 90’s and DNF’d all three times and DNF’d the Mt Taylor Quad twice.  Then I got injured on the job.

When I pulled myself out of the deep dark place where I spent a lot of years during recovery from that injury I stopped quitting races.  I did a short course triathlon – competing in the Athena division – when I weighed 212 lbs and won.  I ran my first 50K trail run a couple of months after turning 50 and finished.   I finished Ironman Boulder (albeit in 17:00:01 and officially counted as DNF).  I survived an entire marathon at the end of the IM on 12 oz of coca cola because of severe nausea.  Someone died in that race with related issues but I finished and I lived.  And after a few weeks signed up for another Ironman this October.

Now I will be a Spartan.   Hmmm…


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